LOW RATE Woe Sep 12 1.0 and sep 13 2.0

Discussion in 'WoE Discussion' started by Darkmage, 14 Sep 2015.

  1. Darkmage

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    25 Jul 2015

    So, Woe was intense. We reached a new record, from one week to the other, we doubled our online people ! We reached 49 online , woe was very competitive, intense and awesome !
    It was bizarre Adventure guild (GM = Jotaro ) and Rawr Army guild (GM = Darkmage ).

    As for woe 2.0 on sep 13, we reached 40-50 online also. I really have to admit that it was whatever level is next from intense. We were all just crazy in Teamspeak, doing some sick recalls from our recaller for that woe (zazou) and recieving sick recalls from Bizarre adventure (Recaller = 0pointenergy ) Good job for both !

    Rawr army started defending, but we lacked online people at the beginning, so we lost castle quite fast. Then we managed to recover it and lost it like in 2-3 minutes, lol.
    Afterwrds it was an intense battle until we managed to reconquer it for the last like 10-15 minutes of woe. At last ended and Rawr army won.

    But tbh, eventhough we werent that much people, (I believe about 18-20 different people inside woe with both guilds), it was quite amazing all the commotion generated and competition arising from both guilds, which is awesome !

    Hopefully more people join us, or more guilds to enhance even more server growth and competition.
    (Of course, as soon as low rates server opens again, I believe there's a system problem with it.)
    Pd. Sorry for missing 2.0 woe pics.
  2. Dizzy

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    1 Sep 2015
    gratulations boys :D I really wish you more ppl
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