LOW RATE [String "buf]:1 Invalid Control Char Near `char(0)

Discussion in 'Technical & Bug Reports' started by Vifon, 8 Dec 2019.

  1. Vifon

    Vifon New Member

    8 Dec 2019
    Hello, i got this error attemtping to start the game on LR. When i try MR, its working fine, is any problem with LR server? I tried download the patch, follow the instructions, but error still there. Im out of ideas.

    Thanks for reply.
  2. Dark Fate

    Dark Fate Game Master Staff Member

    13 Feb 2015
    Admin Post
    Hey, @Vifon
    Sorry for long answering.
    Looks like you should (re)install the game client outside of Program Files / Desktop / Any system folders.
    If it doesn't help, you should install full game client instead of lite patch.

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