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  1. Greed

    Greed New Member

    19 Feb 2016
    Why not balance? Because player's that was always on pvp room i think they're 5 ppl or wearing Ahura Mazda[Shield GM EQUIPS] i saw them using the skills that can sleep and other buffs and skills that cannot be use by that class/job.....thats why WHAT THE HECK!!! I QUIT im sure many people that know that GM equips already notice it too and quit the game so they just stay about a week playing this after they notice it and quit.....i think those dudes in pvp room sometimes wear Angra Manyu[Weapon GM EQUIPS] too if theyre hunting boss..ANYWAY THATS THE REVIEW!! if the GM didnt fix this problem...this game will be gone of players!
  2. Dark Fate

    Dark Fate Game Master Staff Member

    13 Feb 2015
    Admin Post
    @item command is not available for game masters. only for founders (me and Jenny).
    The game no longer provides interest for us. We like the server management to gain experience and maybe commercial purposes.
    If you are confident in any advantage by other players, please give me all nicknames violators (you can use Personal Message to hide it from other players). We will check any advantages, items and game bugs.

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