MID RATE Need a guild house?

Discussion in 'Off-topic section' started by Inkfish, 7 Jul 2015.

  1. Inkfish

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    14 Apr 2015
    Im allowing somebody to use my personal guild house. The house is upgraded with healer so it will be useful. The house is F type. It will be very helpful if you want to farm orlean or abra.

    1. Im not trasfering the leadership only allowing someone to use it without anyone competitation so the house still mine.
    2. You will be given a invite privelege so you can invite your other char os your friends.
    3. You will not do or attempt any abuse with the guild house,doing so will terminate the agreement.

    If you think you can be trusted and agree with the condition, send me mail that explain why I should trust it to you.

    Note:I log in sometime to summon the mvp and sometimes I dont kill it, jsut leave it there until I can summon another one or wait for maintence then its gone.

    p.s. I,m trying to help so if you dont have anything good to say please dont waste your time posting nonsense comments. tnx

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