Swordsman Class (Guide) Thor Paladin - Leveling/Farm Orleans Gloves

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  1. GonnaRock

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    24 Jul 2015
    Many ppl farm Orleans's Glove with champion becuz they think it's fast but i've always believed that paladin is a better Orleans's Glove farmer and this is why:
    Paladin doesn't need to go back to his savepoint everytime.
    Paladin survive more and kill more becuz of the fast spammin of shield boomerang.

    In this guide i'm goin to make the following things clear:
    2.Things u should know
    5.Where to lvl up
    6.How to farm Orleans's Glove

    Shall we begin?! :D

    Rest vit
    2.Things u should know:
    Shield Boomerang skill depend on the str and the weight of the shield and how much it is refined so the better refine u get the better damage u do.
    U'll seek 3 things from ur equips which is refining bradium shield (u dont need to change the shield becuz this one is the best)and try to get better fire resistance and gettin more aspd
    Top Headgear:Wind's Guide(obtainable from a quest at Quest Shop)
    Mid Headgear:Slotted Sunglasses(obtainable from a quest at Quest Shop)with Vanberk card
    Bottom Headgear:Red Scarf(obtainable from a quest at Quest Shop)
    Armor:Bg Armor with Pasana card
    Weapon:Maybe bg spear??(plz suggest something better)
    Shield:+4/+5/+6 Bradium Shield with alice card/switch with bradium shield with penomena card when u see kasa
    Shoes:Bg shoes with Green Ferus card or Matyr Card
    Garment:Bg manteau with Noxious card and switch with other Bg Manteau with Jakk card when there is other monsters there
    Accessories:Clip with Alligator card
    5.Where to lvl up:
    1-11:Ant Hell 1 - Ant Eggs til' u get job 10
    11-40:after changin go to Payon Field 08 - Kill Spores
    40-79:Here is the easiest part,u just have to do this quest http://irowiki.org/wiki/Brasilis_Dungeon_Entrance_Quest
    PS:instead of writin the sentences u can just have to write the mark at the end (! or ?)
    79:Here u need to get ur job 50 to change to crusader,u can do that by killing High orcs at geffen field 14
    80-90:Nifflhiem 01/02 - Get potion,lure monsters then grand cross usin int build(99int rest dex)
    90-99:Sphinx 4 - Get Soul link and go to Anubis kill him with shield boomerang
    BEFORE U CHANGE TO REBORN DO THIS: http://irowiki.org/wiki/Finding_a_Fairy
    do just the first step before changin and after changin do the second part and the third part by doin it u'll reach lvl 71(just step 2)
    71-80:Geffen field 14 - High Orc usin bash
    80-90:Sphinx 4 - kill Anubis usin soul link and shield boomerang
    90-99:Thor 3 - kill Bow Master usin soul link and shield boomerang
    6.How to farm Orleans's Glove:
    Get soul link and bg foods(str-agi-vit) and berserk potion,light white potion and grape juice keep reflect shield and autoguard up and go to thor 3 (keep teleport in ur hotkeys)fly til' u find Bow Master before attackin use defender and kill him usin shield boomerang . u'll have to kill about 100 bow master to get Orleans's Glove which is sold for about 60m
    PS:u can farm anything with other chars durin the week but at saturday i advice u to go to thor and get Orleans's Glove cuz the rates will be higher :D

    I hope u like this guide . If someone want to translate this guide to french or russian feel free to do so ^_^

    PS:This guide isn't perfect so if u find typin mistake or spelling mistake plz tell me and if something is missing in this guide plz tell me
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  2. sad frOg

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    18 Apr 2015
    улица роз
    Hello, sry for my bad english, but drop rate for the orleans glove is always 0.66% in weekend too, and use BG set is also stupid, because it increases damage taken by 3 times from Каsa, Salamander and other non-demi-human monsters
  3. Kentprime

    Kentprime Member

    23 Mar 2015
    GonnaRock omg >__< u dont know anything about pally or "farm o.glove" or even server

    (Дженни думаю понятно, что этот топик просто маразм и его закреплять не следует)
  4. Hazore

    Hazore New Member

    9 Oct 2015
    Sorry About my english

    The test at calculator showed me that

    Unarmed = 2346
    Glorious Spear = 4600
    Assalt Spear = 4544
    Main Gauche (2 Abyssmal 2 hydra) = 4885
    Elemental (2 abyss 1 hydra) = 4620

    But is Bradium Shield with Tamruan Card

    So .. what they tell me about this.

    Works That?
  5. Ervic John

    Ervic John New Member

    17 May 2017
    This is my build for OG-farming Pally.

    Upper HG - +4Feather Beret/+4Alice card with Vanberk
    Mid HG -Masquerade(3% more damage for demihuman yeah! from Dustiness! )
    Lower HG -Gscarf(+5 atk) / Fathers White moustache(+20 atk)
    Armor -+4 or higher Meteo Plate[Pasana]
    Shield -+4 or higher Bradium Shield[Thara Frog]
    Weapon -Tribe Bloody boned +10pike[4] / Triple Liberation Titan +10Pike[4](why pike? hmmm see the attack)
    Footgear -+4Vidars(yeah im poor) / get variants better(my dream footgear)
    Garment -+4Dmant with raydric / Jakk
    Accessories- 2x ring[1] or 2x bradium ring one with Erende card / other with Mantis

    Reminder: This is just basic items for farming any modifications you want to make for the gears -better.


    Oh, for the build i used the same as posted above.

    Any post similar to this is just coincidental and I don't say that it is the best build of all.

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