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    26 Jul 2015

    Intodruction: I am no software developer or computer expert, as following I was not able to solve all problems. Nevertheless there is a way, which you can use, in order to play Ragnarok on mac.

    1. First of all you have to download wineskin. With the help of that program you are able to create applications.

    2. After having installed and started the program you will be able to choose an engine, which you want to use for your application. I recommend Version WS9Wine1.6X - then you have to click on "Create new blank Wrapper"

    Now you can name your application - for example: EstlandRO - Next you have to allow your application to catch hold of the internet. After having installed the indicated data you will be able to open a folder, where your current content of the app is saved.

    4. You have to right click the application, which is within the folder. You have to click on "show package substance". As following you will see three different folders named drive_c and contents and a red colored dataset called wineskin.

    5. You have to open the dataset "wineskin". Subsequently a small window will appear.


    Now you have to install the Estland Ragnarok Client. Link here: Download

    6. In order to choose the "EstlandRo Patcher .exe" dataset you have to click on "Advanced" and choose the file. Tip: You should choose the setup first, in order to change the screen seize and other things. You can change the exe file as often as you want. :)

    7. Now you have to click on tools --> Winetricks:


    Here you have to search for a package named "Ragnarok", which you have to run and install.

    8. Next you can adjust your application with the help of options. (next to tools). In addition you are able to customize the screen options: Set Screen options.

    According to this way of playing ragnarok I have to encourage you to experiment with wineskin.

    I know that this guide is not entire and that you may have lags while using wine, but it's better than nothing. I hope that someone here is able to complete this guide.
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    13 Feb 2015
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    Nice share, thanks.
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    1 Jan 2016
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    Hello, I tried to open the Estland RO client with xQuartz (I had to name X11 so it can work) and now I am having this problem and I don't know what to do (look at the picture). Any idea? Thank you.

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    13 Feb 2015
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    i'm so sorry, but we cannot help with wine errors and macos, please contact with wine developers to fix this.
    i think you have problems with incorrect settings or video driver.

    our game client tested on my laptop with linux mint (based on ubuntu) + wine 1.7 and is working correctly.
    but game client crashed when i'm tried to run it using wine 1.6

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