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    22 Apr 2015
    Hello, i just wanna say SORRY for posting here, but i don't have anywhere else to post GUIDE, we need GUIDE section. And since many people said they lag with dual clients and so on, so i'm posting my old guide that i had made few years ago.

    So this thing doesn't help you lose lag from server side (host)​

    This guide would help to those who lag by having opened 2 or more clients, so they could enjoy game better.​

    To be honest this ROExt helped me out really a lot.​


    Official thread : ROExt - mouse freedom and some tweaks

    ROExt features outline :

    • Mouse freedom - in window mode you can freely move mouse cursor out of RO.
    • RO window can be set to any size and to be borderless or always on top.
    • Key remapping - 4 extra direct keys for skills, access for all 3 skill sets without /bm and ability to use skills from 3-5'th mouse buttons.
    • CPU usage reducing features - for better multiclient performance.
    • Overriding used codepage - allow client to be truly international and support all languages.

    Requirements :

    ROExt - Download Link


    VirusTotal Scan

    GUIDE TO ROExt Setup

    GUIDE TO ROExt Setup

    Step 1 :

    • Make back up dinput.dll from EstlandRO folder to any other place.
    • Extract ROExt in to EstlandRO folder
    • Setting up Resolution
    • First at all we have to check what resolution we use by playing RO in not full screen mode.You can do it by going to EstlandRO folder and clicking Setup.exe. Mine is 1280x720
    • Now we need to check our Monitor resolution.

    You can do it by clicking right mouse button on Dekstop-> Properties-> Settings. Mine is 1360x768

    Step 2 :

    • Open dinput.ini file in EstlandRO folder
    • Scroll down when you find these lines.

    WindowPosX =0
    WindowPosY =0
    WindowWidth =1280
    WindowHeight =720

      • Now we will have to Edit it, so it would fit to our screens. It gonna be by two steps.

      First we change WindowWidth and WindowHeight to Width and Height which our RO window gonna be.

      Example :

      My RO window resolution is 1280x720 so i put it like that.

      WindowWidth =1280

      WindowHeight =720

      Second we change WindowPosX and WindowPosY to possition that our RO Window would be in middle of screen.

    • to get WindowPosX you have to take WindowWidth away (don't know english word) from your Desktop Screen Width and then divide from 2


      mine Desktop Screen Width is 1360

      1360-1280 = 80:2 = 40

      WindowPosX =0 after counting change in to WindowPosX =40

    • to get WindowPosY you have to take WindowHeight away (don't know english word) from your Desktop Screen Height and then divide from 4


      mine Desktop Screen Height is 768

      768-720 = 48:4 = 12

      WindowPosX =0 after counting change in to WindowPosX =12

      So now it's looks like this


    WindowPosX =40
    WindowPosY =12
    WindowWidth =1280
    WindowHeight =720
    Step 3 :

    Allowing multiple languages (thanks to Jenny notice)
    Find these line
    CodePage =-1
    And change to
    CodePage =65001
    After making changes close it & SAVE

    Run EstlandRO and feel the difference if you lagged while 2-3 clients were opened.

    If it didin't helped you delete dinput.ini from EstlandRO folder and replace dinput.dl with that backup dinput.dl. To shut down / exit your Ragnarok - push alt+prtscreen

    For more information what you can change look here : ROExt - mouse freedom and some tweaks

    If you need help to set up ROExt fill this form bellow and post here.

    Your Screen Resolution:
    Your Ragnarok Online Screen Resolution:

    Leatrix Latency Fix

    Official site : Leatrix.com

    Official Guide site : Leatrix Guide

    About Leatrix Latency :

    Leatrix Latency Fix will reduce your online gaming latency significantly by increasing the frequency of TCP acknowledgements sent to the game server. For the technically minded, this is a program which will modify TCPAckFrequency.

    You will see reduced latency in many online games including World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Star Wars, Rift, Aion, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, and more.

    Requirements :

    Leatrix Latency Fix- Download Link


    Guide to set up Leatrix Latency Fix

    • Download
    • Install
    • Restart Computer

    If it doesnt help, then simply push again on installer and Remove LLF.

    More to Read

    Simply download the zip file, extract it and then run Leatrix_Latency_Fix_3.00.exe. When the program launches, click the Install button. You will see the status change from 'Not Installed' to 'Installed'. You need to restart your computer (or disable/enable your network card) for the changes to take effect.

    If you're using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with User Account Control enabled, you will be prompted to confirm that you wish for Leatrix Latency Fix to make changes to your computer.

    Your Windows account needs to have Administrator rights in order to install or remove Leatrix Latency Fix. If your Windows account doesn't have Administrator rights, you will be prompted for the credentials of an account that does have them.

    After Leatrix Latency Fix has been installed, you can login to your online games with reduced latency!

    To uninstall Leatrix Latency Fix, click the remove button and restart your computer.

    For reference, the status line in the program will show 3 possible tags. 'Installed' indicates that all network interfaces have been modified for reduced latency. 'Not Installed' indicates that no network interfaces are modified for reduced latency. 'Partially Installed' indicates that some network interfaces have been modified for reduced latency. You will see this status tag if you add a new network card (or perhaps a USB modem) after the installation of Leatrix Latency Fix
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    13 Feb 2015
    Tartu, Eesti
    Admin Post
    Thanks for share your guides.

    We already have RoExt with lite patch / full game client.
    I do not think he is than different from ours.

    Also, you need open the file dinput.ini and change
    To support multi-language, including Russian language.

    Leatrix Latency Fix - This can really help in some cases.
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    18 Mar 2015
    Goodjob thanks:ragnya:
  4. Wh0reable Player

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    22 Apr 2015
    Oh really, forgot about that. Thanks for reminding and well guide is more to lose window boarders and set up right size screen :)
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