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    Currency, which are used on the server:
    • а. Zeny
    • This is the standard currency.
    • Maximum amount of Zeny on the character: (2kkk)

    • b. TCG
    • This currency is used instead of a banker.
    • Since the limit on one character (2kkk), it makes sense to transfer your Zeny to TCG.
    • You can exchange Zeny to TCG and back (NPC Global Exchanger)
    • 1 TCG = 100kk Zeny

    • c. Cash Points
    • This currency is used to purchase items in the NPC Kafra Shop.
    • Get it possible by donations or buy/trade from players.
    • For sale or transfer of the currency is exchanged to Coins!
    • 1 USD = 30 Cash Points

    • d. Steel Coin, Bronze Coin, Silver Coin, Gold Coin
    • This currency is used to transfer Cash Points (NPC Global Exchanger)
    • You have the right to sell these items to players for Zeny, or change to other game items.
    • (ID#673)_ 1 Estland Steel Coin = 5 Cash Points
    • (ID#8905) 1 Estland Bronze Coin = 10 Cash Points
    • (ID#8904) 1 Estland Silver Coin = 50 Cash Points
    • (ID#8903) 1 Estland Gold Coin = 100 Cash Points

    • e. Battle Badge
    • This currency can be obtained by playing on the BattleGrounds.
    • Exchanged for valuable items can be from NPC Erundek and NPC Telma
    • (NPC Battlegrounds -> Warp to Battle Room).
    • You can buy/sell/trade a given currency other players.
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