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    26 Jul 2015
    One of the most popular ways to make money is the Battleground! This farming method is really funny:) There are always three or more teams fighting each other.

    In order to join the battleground you have to talk with the npc in Prontera, which is located on the left side. In addition you can use commands as @joinbg.

    Game Modes:
    After having joined the Battleground you will immediately teleport to the BG Map. There are several different game modes:

    Conquest - defend or conquer the castle
    Tripple inferno - kill the enemy players and gather their skulls
    Teamfight - Here you have to be the first team, which reaches the count of needed kills
    Rush - Conquer the Castle (when you are able to def it later) - otherwise you can wait until the enemy team captures it in order to trepass their def and destroy their emperium

    While playing you can use the following commands
    @bgvotekick: Vote for kick player on BG
    @leade:r Change Leader on BG (you can only use the command as leader)
    @bgvotelead Vote for BG leader status.
    @listenbg Receive BG announcements (this is a command which enables you to see the BG announcements)

    Team Leadership:
    If you don't know how to play this important role you should ask in the chat whether somebody wants to be leader. Just press "alt" while sending the message.

    The team leader is able to use some special skills as:

    • Emergency Call (EC) - immediately teleports all team members to the team leader!
    • Battle Orders
    • Heal
    • Recovery

    • For more information read skill description

    Note This spells have got a long cool down - you should not use them for fun!

    Food & supplies:

    In order to increase your damage and heal yourself you can use battleground supplies. This items can be bought at the BattleRoom (from Telma - NPC). At this place I want to advice you to use RoMedic. This software allows you to autopot. (its legal - see rules) In addition you can use @aoes and @lgp in in order to keep the round-up.

    Here is the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xoj1l661rc5sejs/ROmedic+v2.rar


    At the moment the Badge Price is really high (30.000 zeny). So you earn about 500.000 to 1.000.000 zeny. In addition you can use the badges for Battleground Equip & safe enchanting. In my opinion this farming method is really chequered and sometimes team specific.

    Make an effort!

    Sure! Not every player - especially newbies - is able to win the game. You need some experience and good PVP equip. However, the team, which won the round will always receive more Badges than the team that lost the round. Furthermore AFK-players and Bots will get kicked (temporal ban) or banned. (rightly)

    I really wish you good luck with playing.

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    edit: all clowns use 99 base int and play all songs (riff,strings,apples) .... thanks
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    Yes, that's right. I haven't said it in order to prevent to get to much into detail concerning each of the many classes :D
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    Does Recovery work on Emp, Stone and gates? of both Rush and conquest?

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