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    17 Sep 2017
    Hello everyone,

    I'm facing an issue here. I wanted to create a new account (Shibary) but this name was already taken, so I simply added an underscore (Shibary_) and created it.

    The problem is, when I wanted to name my characters, I realised that they were all already taken and I also remembered that I already registered an account on this server (Yep, 'Shibary' was me..).

    This could be the end of the story, but now when I want to connect on my main account (the one with my characters registered), the game displays a password error (I typed it right) et when I retry the game crashes immediately.

    I suppose that the two accounts names (Shibary/Shibary_) are somehow interfering with each others or something similar.

    Anyway, I think it would help if we could delete the second account (Shibary_) which is completely empty.

    Thanks in advance


    EDIT : Nevermind, I used the "lost password" form in order to reset it and then it worked correctly. I'll use the 'Shibary' account so you can delete the 'Shibary_' one if you want to.
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