MID RATE 9x Champion LF Social WoE-Active guild!

Discussion in 'Guild Request' started by Akaiko, 1 Mar 2016.

  1. Akaiko

    Akaiko New Member

    1 Mar 2016
    Yo yo!

    22 year old swed here that just started playing and the nostalgia is amazing. Played several years on a private server called EuphRO a long time ago. Got info about this server from my brother who found it and GOD IS THE PING AMAZING.

    So yea I started playing 2 days ago and got my champ woe geared and at lvl 92 right now but I'm lvling it as we speak.

    Planning on making atleast a HP and a Hunter aswell I guess.

    But yeah, I really feel like WoEing since it was ages ago so I'm looking for a guild that is WoE active, speak english and have a social chat and feeling to it.

    Feel free to post here, PM or contact me ingame at "AkaikoM"

    See ya!

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